Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. has launched a new monthly draft series called the Tank 9 Project.

The Cincinnati brewery released the first beer -- Honey Rye Lager -- last month (April 27) and it's still available at the Malt House Taproom. The Tank 9 series involves brewery employees producing a special batch.

Honey Rye Lager -- which was made by Andrew (his full name wasn't provided for privacy reasons) -- is 7 percent alcohol by volume and features a combination of honey malt, rye malt and locally sourced honey.

There's a special story behind the Tank 9 name.

"The reason we call it Tank 9 is because when the brewery was set up we numbered our tanks 1-8 and 11-30," Christian Moerlein owner Greg Hardman said. "Tank 9 and 10 were not added. It's an inside joke at the brewery."