A Canton company that went out of business in mid-September is accused of ripping off craft breweries nationwide by either providing shoddy equipment or not delivering equipment at all.

SysTech Stainless Works and founders Jason and Amanda Spurrell are now the focus of a police investigation in Tuscarawas County and the target of a breach of contract lawsuit in Stark County. There also have been five complaints filed against the company with the Ohio Attorney General's Office, which is considering whether to join the investigation.

"[The Spurrells have] pretty much preyed on people that are startups and would not have the means to come after them legally to sue them for the money," said John Degnaro, owner of Bombs Away Beer Co. in Albuquerque, N.M., who says he lost a $30,000 deposit. "These are all small mom-and-pop operations. These are not big operations that can recover easily."

The Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio.com interviewed brewers around the United States who say they lost money and received defective equipment, and will share their stories Sunday.