Shaun Yasaki is the co-founder and brewer at Noble Beast Brewing Co. in downtown Cleveland. He's a Fat Head's Brewery alum and credits his brewing acumen to spending time there.

Question: Why did you become a brewer?

Answer: Seemed like a rockstar job at the time. Still is. But itís more Peter Tosh than Bob Marley.

Q: What's the story behind the name Noble Beast?

A: Noble is a reference to Noble hops and continental European brewing techniques -- technical, traditional, left-brain. A side I really love. Beast is the American side, which has no rules, for better or worse, and offers more potential for creativity. Also part of the fun.

Q:†What advice can you give future brewers to be successful?

A: My success stems from my time at Fat Headís. A lot of people want to jump into opening a brewery. Iíd really recommend getting experience at a great brewery for a few years. Thereís a lot to learn. Thatís part of why I enjoy brewing so much. The unattainable pursuit of perfection.

Q:†Usually I ask what a brewery's best-selling beer is, but with Noble Beast still being new I'll mix up this question. If someone drops into your brewery right now and can have only one of your beers, what beer do you hand them and why? (And no cheating and mentioning all your beers!)

A: The Kapitan Altbier. Itís an under-appreciated beer style. I designed my brewhouse to have a cereal cooker so I can do traditional decoction mashes. Itís a fun technique that adds nuance to the beer. Accentuates malt character but dries out the beer. My favorite compliment is when people who have lived in Dusseldorf love the Alt.

Q: Which beer Ė any beer in the world Ė do you wish that you created/invented/brewed and why?

A: Coors Light. Warm filtering hasnít been working for me.

Editor's note I: As a bonus, I visited Noble Beast over the summer and took some photos if you want to check out the place:

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