Chris Kambouris is the co-founder and brewer at Bascule Brewery and Public House in Lorain. The breweryrecently opened and construction is continuing on the tasting room. TheMorning Journal has reported that Bascule is the first brewery to make beer in Lorain in a century.

Question: Why did you become a brewer?

Answer: Short answer:Because I failed at everything else. But more specifically, it tied in all the things I loved about all my previous failures. I loved that it was an old world trade and I loved seeing how its history has engrained itself into our society in ways we don't even realize.

I truly thought it would bring more balance in my life, give me a reason to stop and observe, and react thoughtfully.Of course, none of that actually happened, lol. But every now and then, I remind myself to stop chasing my tail and truly appreciate where this journey has taken me.

Q: There's got to be a story behind why you decided to name your brewery "Bascule." Please share the story behind the name.

A: I can remember the day my partner Fred [Lozano] and I looked at each other and wondered what do we call our brewery. We were standing on the sidewalk in the mostly abandoned downtown Lorain. I knew the name had to be connected to the city if it was to succeed.

Few people know that our Charles Barry Bascule Bridge is the second-largest bascule bridge in the world, a type of bridge that uses a series of counterweights to raise and lower. Our bascule bridge is the gateway of industry into our city, and the word bascule can also mean balanced. So it seemed like a great iconic representation of what we are trying to achieve in a city struggling to reinvent itself.

Q:What are the best and worst aspects of being a brewer?

A: The best aspect of being a brewer is it automatically connects you to some very dynamic people. Honestly I could probably fill a book with the rewards of brewing. They go hand in hand with the drawbacks and challenges and pressures. But I see it all as an opportunity to learn.

If there are any drawbacks, I've yet to find them.

Q: Usually I ask what a brewery's best-selling beer is, but with Bascule being so new I'll mix up this question. If someone drops into your brewery now and can have only one of your beers, what beer do you hand them and why? (And no cheating and mentioning all your beers!)

A:Our unofficial mission statement is "a story of Lorain in every glass" and the beer that best covers all the bases is our Steam Powered Dream Copper Ale. It's toasty, malty, yet smooth and crisp with just enough hop character to keep it interesting.

Q: Which beer any beer in the world do you wish that you created/invented/brewed and why?

A:I wish I would've invented El Lupulo Libre, because Jack Kephart allowed me an opportunity to help come up with the name. I'd much rather have the credentials of making the beer itself. It's a fantastic beer.

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