Zac Williams is the co-founder and brewer at Double Edge Brewing Co. The brewery opened earlier this year in downtown Lancaster. Coincidentally, Lancaster Brew Week kicks off Sunday. (Aug. 12)

Question: Why did you become a brewer?

Answer:†My business partner, Mark Jinkens, and I worked for a small software company for many years, and loved it. Our company was acquired by a global firm and the culture completely changed. Being longtime homebrewers, we decided to turn our creative focus toward brewing. It quickly became an obsession. A few years under the corporate regime was enough for us. We decided to trade in our laptops for mash paddles.

Q:†What's the story behind the brewery name Double Edge?

A:†I really wish I had an exciting story to tell you about our name. We started Double Edge with goals of supporting the community of Lancaster and bringing fresh craft beer to its historic (and rejuvenated) downtown. The name is in reference to our continued focus on these two goals. And it sounds cool.

Q: What are your favorite and least favorite craft beer trends now?

A: Favorite: Itís not so recent anymore, but itís great that weíre seeing more and more of these small hyperlocal brewpubs popping up all over the place. They all have their own local flare and give you a real insight into the communities they serve. Because they arenít concerned with packaging/distribution and all of the challenges that go along with that, theyíre cranking out some really fun, innovative beers.

Least favorite: Classic styles aren't very prevalent at the moment. I donít like to be negative when it comes to craft beer but I guess Iíd have to say that with so many hyped styles being produced right now (barrel aged, milkshake IPAs, brut IPAs, funky sours, etc. -- all of which are outstanding), Iím starting to miss some of the classic beer styles that arenít as easy to find. Who doesnít love a fresh pilsner, ESB or brown ale?

Q:†Whatís your best-selling beer and why do you think itís so popular?

A:†Our best-selling beer is our coffee golden ale, Rustic Sunrise. This beer is crystal clear and smells like fresh brewed coffee. It really seems to resonate with craft fans and those few that ďdonít really even like beer.Ē I suppose thereís still some novelty in its appearance for some people. Truth be told, the coffee 100 percent makes this beer. Weíve partnered with The Well, a really cool local eatery just down the block from us. They roast all their coffee inhouse. I get it fresh from them each week to infuse into the beer. Whatever they decide to roast that week is what goes into the beer. Weíve used Ugandan, Costa Rican, Honduran and my favorite, Tanzanian beans.

Q:†Which beer Ė any beer in the world Ė do you wish that you created/brewed and why?

A:†Yikes, tough question. Because this could change by the minute, Iím going to have to go with the beer Iím drinking right now -- Bellís Two Hearted Ale. Itís been my go-to IPA for years. Centennial hops are one of my favorites to brew with and Bellís makes them sing so beautifully in this beer. Quite frankly, Iím jealous. They never seem to sing like that for me.

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