Yabba Dabba what?

Homestead Beer Co. is going -- as brewer Adam Rhodes calls it -- "totally lunatic" with its latest beer. The Heath brewery will release an experimental beer called Yabba Dabba Brew, a double IPA made with Fruity Pebbles, starting at 3 p.m. Friday. (Nov. 10)

"Why not?" Rhodes said with a laugh when asked about the beer. "We wanted to try something totally lunatic. It was an idea that appealed to us."


Yabba Dabba Brew -- which is draft only and available at the brewery and some select accounts in the Columbus area -- is 8.1 percent alcohol by volume. It's also a subtle green shade of color.

"I've never seen that before in beer," said Rhodes, adding that he got more than a few funny looks when cleaning out the Sam's Club of the cereal. "It's really striking."

He said the brewery has "decided to kind of plant a flag" and start experimenting. Yabba Dabba Brew is part of a series of unusual beers. The brewery already has released a strawberry milkshake IPA and there are key lime and Neapolitan versions on the way. Homestead is working on creating a special bottled four-pack featuring some of the experimental beers.

As for why the brewery chose Fruity Pebbles -- a Flinstones-themed Post cereal -- Rhodes said it was a favorite cereal of one of the brewers.

"It was really interesting and engaged the analytical, science part of our brain," he said about the brewing process.

In the end, Rhodes said, it's important to have a good beer at the core of the experimental brews.

"We want to play in this space and make a really good beer with unusual things," he said.

Homestead isn't the first Ohio brewery to create a beer using cereal -- and it likely won't be the last. In 2015, Platform Beer Co. in Cleveland produced a batch of Cerealism, a breakfast stout made with Count Chocula cereal.