Hoppin' Frog Brewery is starting out the year with a new high-alcohol beer that's designed not to be consumed until New Year's Eve -- as in a year from now.

The Akron brewery will release 22-ounce bottles of New Year's Eve 2018 starting Tuesday. (Jan. 2). Owner and brewer Fred Karm described the beer as a "celebration ale" or a barley wine.

"We wanted to make a celebration ale as a replacement for those who don't like champagne," he said.

The beer is designed to be aged and Karm doesn't recommend drinking it until June 1 at the earliest. The flavors are expected to peak on New Year's Eve, he said.

The bottles will sell for $10 in January at the brewery. The price will later jump to $15.

It will be available on draft later this year -- Karm wasn't quite sure when yet, but definitely after June 1.