Listermann Brewing Co. is teaming up again with the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden.

The Cincinnati brewery is releasing more Team Fiona, a hazy IPA made in honor of Fiona the hippo, and a new beer celebrating other baby animals born at the zoo.

Team Fiona 1K, named because the hippo is about to hit 1,000 pounds, and Zoo Babies New England IPA will be released starting at 10 a.m. Saturday (May 19) at the brewery on draft and in 16-ounce four packs.

Listermann noted that Team Fiona, 5.8 percent alcohol by volume and featuring Citra and Centennial hops, is becoming a year-round beer on draft at the brewery. The Team Fiona 1K four-packs will cost $14.99 plus tax, with 10 percent of draft sales and 15 percent of can sales being donated to the zoo.

As for Zoo Babies, there are four colorful cans, each featuring a different animal or animals. The cans showcase Octavius and Theodora the Colobus monkeys; Taffy the greater flamingo; Miles, Pippen, Matthew and Daphne the Florida manatees; and Bennie and Jerrie the ring-tailed lemurs.

The beer, which is 6.8 percent alcohol by volume, was made with Citra, Amarillo and Waimea hops. The four-packs are $14.99 plus tax, with 10 percent of sales going to the zoo.

“We are excited to continue our partnership with the zoo in making Fiona year-round and releasing another new beer," Listermann general manager Jason Brewer said in a prepared statement. "Fiona is the No. 1 beer we get asked for at the brewery, so we are giving the people what they want!”

The brewery also will have commemorative Zoo Babies teku glasses for sale. They will be full color featuring the images of the Zoo Babies label. National Screen Printing will do screen printing starting at 10 a.m. for Zoo Babies designs on T-shirts and tank tops.

Customers can purchase up to a case of Zoo Babies four-packs and four four-packs of Team Fiona 1K. There will not be limits on merchandise and glassware.