All hail Market Garden Prosperity Wheat.

The Bavarian-style hefeweizen took home the top honor this week at the Ohio Craft Brewers Cup -- a new beer competition that focuses only on Ohio-made beers. Prosperity Wheat was selected as the "Best of Show" at the judged event, which took place Monday (July 23) at the Dayton Beer Co. in Dayton. The awards were announced today. (July 28)

Prosperity Wheat bested about 220 other craft beers that were entered by 40 breweries around the state -- along with the brewing program at Cincinnati State. The beers were tasted blind in 23 categories, with each gold medal-winning brew moving onto a final "best of show" table judged by Warped Wing Brewing brewmaster John Haggerty, Rhinegeist Brewery chief science officer Jim Matt and Pretentious Barrel House brewer and founder Josh Martinez.

They knocked off beers one by one until they were down to four. That's when Haggerty learned his Grape Creek Must Barley Wine Ale was one of the remaining beers after the judges asked organizers for more specific details about the beer.

He stepped aside, leaving Matt and Martinez to select the ultimate winner. They went back and forth between Grape Creek Must and Prosperity Wheat before choosing the hefeweizen.

"I wouldn't expect a wheat beer to win in 2018," Martinez said. "I haven't had anything that balanced in awhile."

The judges remarked how difficult it was to whittle the final table.

"Whoever wins this thing ..." Haggerty said at one point.

"You've earned it," Matt interjected.

The Ohio Craft Brewers Cup, organized by Dayton Beer founder Pete Hilgeman, featured professional brewers and beer writers serving as judges. (I was one of the judges.) The most entered categories were: European lager (20), fruit beers (19) and American IPA (18).

Hilgeman plans to organize the competition again next  year and ultimately wants to host a festival showcasing the award-winning beers.

"I think it went really well," he said about the first year.

Here's a look at all the winners by category:

Amber/Red Ale

Gold: Mother Stewart's Oktoberfest

Silver: Akronym Windigo Red IPA

Bronze: Maize Valley Amber Ale

American Light Ale

Gold: Ill Mannered Ill Mamma Slamma

Silver: Municipal Brew Works Approachable Blonde

Bronze: Lineage Brewing Wake Life

American Lager

Gold: Fretboard Peso in My Hand

Silver: Akronym Kernal of Truth

Bronze: Devil Wind Buccaneer

American Pale Ale

Gold: Upside 882

Silver: Yellow Springs Zoetic

Bronze: Maize Valley Loral or Yanni

American IPA

Gold: MadTree Entropic Theory

Silver: North High Mr. Fahrenheit

Bronze: Yellow Springs Boat Show

Belgian Ale

Gold: Hansa Wit Wit

Silver: Cincinnati State Peko

Bronze: Maize Valley Monk in Public

Belgian/French Saison

Gold: Modern Methods Farmhouse 908

Silver: Little Fish Saison Du Poisson

Bronze: Ill Mannered Bringer of Joy

Brown/Dark Ale

Gold: Yellow Springs Carpet Nap

Silver: Cincinnati State Chit Happens

Bronze: Brink Hold the Reins

Coffee Beer

Gold: Wolf's Ridge Clear Sky Daybreak

Silver: Pretentious Derisive with Coffee

Bronze: Municipal True West Coffee Porter

European Lager

Gold: Hansa Black Flag Schwarzbier

Silver: Market Garden Nano OG Lager

Bronze: Sandy Springs Brewing Maaaay Bock

European Pale

Gold: Heavier than Air Balloon Factory

Silver: Yellow Springs Sunwave Belgian IPA

Bronze: Hansa Femdom Kolsch

Fruit Beer

Gold: Jolly Scholar POG

Silver: Hansa Mr. Meeseeks

Bronze: Lineage Brewing Tango and Bernice

German Ale

Gold: Fifth Street Ludwigs Kolsch

Silver: Maize Valley Alt-nerative Plan

Bronze: Wolf's Ridge Kolsch

Herb Spice/Pepper

Gold: Dayton Gem City Lager with Jalapeno

Silver: Wolf's Ridge Yub Nub

Bronze: Little Fish Passionfruit-habby Reinheitsgewhat

Imperial IPA

Gold: Akronym Fyxation

Silver: HiHO MadHo 2.0

Bronze: Combustion Now Were Talking DIPA

Imperial Stout/Porter

Gold: Yellow Springs Maxxout Stout

Silver: Cincinnati State Sugar Hill Gang

Bronze: Phoenix Mary Jane Chai Baltic Porter


Gold: Brink Afterglow

Silver: Rhinegeist Cloud 5

Bronze: Devil Wind Heading West

Scottish/Smoke Beer

Gold: Ill Mannered Malt Tank

Silver: Wolf's Ridge Buchenrach

Bronze: Phoenix Tipped Tombstone Scotch Ale

Sour/Wild Beer

Gold: Pretentious Sybarite with Cherries

Silver: Pretentious Sybarite

Bronze: MadTree Boysen the Wood


Gold: Crooked Handle Roadside Peanut Butter Porter

Silver: MadTree Cucumberweisser

Bronze: Dayton Lobo Loco


Gold: Heavier than Air Mccook

Silver: Brink Moozie

Bronze: Modern Methods Roast Beast

Wheat Beer

Gold: Market Garden Prosperity Wheat

Silver: Railroad 13th Warrior

Bronze: Thirsty Dog Whippet Wheat

Wood Barrel Aged

Gold: Warped Wing Grape Creek Must

Silver: Fifth Street Keep It

Bronze: Pretentious Magnanimous

The competition also handed out regional awards and awards based on the size of the brewery:

West Central: Yellow Springs

Southwest: Brink

Southeast: Little Fish

Northeast: Akronym

Northwest: Modern Methods

Central: Wolf's Ridge

Greater Cleveland: Hansa

Large (15,000-plus barrels): MadTree

Medium (5,000-14,999): Market Garden

Small (1,000-4,999): Yellow Springs

Nano (<1,000): Hansa