Moeller Brew Barn is opening a kitchen and increasing production.

The brewery and tasting room, located in Maria Stein in western Ohio, is building a 6,000-square-foot addition and hopes to break ground in March, with the new kitchen in operation in July.

"A lot of people are asking for food," founder Nick Moeller said.

He noticed that the tasting room business drops off during dinner time, with people leaving to eat elsewhere. Moeller Brew Barn also is a destination for many people due to its rural location in the Land of the Cross-Tipped Churches and the lack of food complicated trips for beer drinkers.

The menu, which is still being finalized, will feature wood-fired pizzas and smoked meats. The brewery also will make its own dough for the pizzas using its Wally Post Red Ale and Moeller promised there would be "no deep fryers."

The additional space also will accommodate more fermenters. The brewery is adding six right away, Moeller said, to help supply more beer to the Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland markets.

Moeller Brew Barn recently purchased a canning line and has signed on with Bonbright Distributors to handle its beer in a nine-county area in western and southwestern Ohio. The brewery is selling many of its brands, such as Honeywagon IPA, Blackberry Prairie Wheat and Baked Oatmeal Stout, in six-packs.

The brewery also is expanding its outdoor patio, Moeller said.