Platform Beer Co. is getting phunky.

The Cleveland-based brewery -- which has opened a location in Columbus and is opening one in Cincinnati -- announced plans this week (Nov. 29) to create a dedicated barrel souring facility called Phunkenship. The facility, located near the brewery's Cleveland tasting room and production facility, is expected to open by July.

Platform has been getting more recognition for its sour beers.

"Because we are using an open fermentation process, we required a separate facility to avoid any potential cross contamination between sour and non-sour beers," co-owner Justin Carson said in a prepared statement. "We have been searching for the right space to launch this program for some time and we cannot be more excited about the space we have secured."

The current warehouse, located at 3135 Sackett Ave., has been used by as many as three other breweries over the years. Kress Weisse Brewing Co. operated a small weisse beer producing brewery in 1902 before the building and assets were purchased by Standard Brewing Co. in 1904. Standard relocated to a larger facility and sold the space to Excelsior Brewing Co., Platform said.

Platform plans to install a custom built 30-barrel Coolship and 16 wooden fermentation tanks ranging in size from seven to 60 barrels, and house at least 200 wine barrels on site. It also is planning to install a dedicated canning and bottling line at the facility. There also will be a 1,000-square-foot tasting room and an outdoor beer garden.

The brewery didn't disclose the financial investment in a news release and co-owner Paul Benner couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

Platform also said it will expand its non-sour, barrel-aged program. The brewery recently released High River, a stout aged in bourbon barrels from Tom's Foolery, in cans. Other beers coming include Yammy Yammy aged in rum barrels with maple syrup and pecans; Darn Putin in Watershed bourbon barrels; and a stout aged on pistachios.

"We have carved out 25,000 square feet in our production facility for nothing but clean barrel-aged beers," Benner said in the release. "We are talking space for thousands of spirit barrels on-site as we expand."