Platform Beer Co. is launching a series of nonprofit fundraising events every Tuesday at its Cleveland and Columbus locations.

“We are opening our space to groups that wish to hold fundraisers or meet-ups for their supporters and the general public," brewery co-founder Paul Benner said in a prepared statement. "It’s a win-win, it allows Platform the opportunity to become involved in more charitable giving and helps nonprofits raise money and create awareness for their cause."

Each week, the brewery will donate $1 for every beer sold to a local charitable location.

The program will kick off Tuesday (Nov. 14) with Bike Cleveland at Platform’s Lorain Avenue location.

“One of our key goals for the upcoming year is to find ways to give back to the Cleveland and Columbus communities that have been so good to us over the past three-plus years," co-founder Justin Carson said in a prepared statement.

In addition to fundraisers at the tasting rooms, Platform says it has committed to donating $1 of every case of New Cleveland Palesner sold in Northeast Ohio to a local charity starting this month. Bike Cleveland also will be the first recipient and the benefiting organization will change every six months.

“The term 'New Cleveland' has so much meaning to us and others in the community," Carson said. "Part of the evolution of Cleveland is rooted in collaboration and social responsibility. This feels really good to be able to give back to the community that has been so supportive to us as a local business.”