Rhinegeist Brewery will celebrate its fifth anniversary next week.

The Cincinnati brewery is celebrating from noon June 23 to 2 a.m. June 24 with an "Are We There Yet?" party featuring rare beers, a dinosaur, dunk tank and other activities. The party is free and open to the public.

Rhinegeist, known for beers such as Truth IPA and Bubbles, has had a meteoric rise in the craft beer industry. Earlier this year, the brewery jumped into the Brewers Association's list of the top 50 craft brewers in the United States, coming in at 33rd.

The brewery noted a long list of accomplishments in a news release, including:

-- Brewing a cumulative 183,000 barrels of beer

-- Growing from a staff of five to a roster of more than 300

-- Starting self-distribution in Ohio

-- Expanding distribution to a total of five states (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania)

-- Opening and closing a distributorship in Kentucky

-- Launching its Cidergeist cider program

-- Opening a roof top bar

-- Self-distributing a cumulative 37,389,502 pounds of beer

-- Unveiling an Outer Reaches sour program

-- Brewing 200-plus distinct beers

-- Growing from 120 barrels of cellar capacity to 8,360 barrels this year

-- Hosting 250-plus weddings and more than 750 private events

-- Launching Brewcademy classes

-- Brewing 5,519 batches of beer

For more details about the celebration, click here.

To read the full news release, see below:


Are We There Yet? Rhinegeist Brewery 5th Anniversary Adventure

Cincinnati, OH – Pack up the family and gas up the station wagon, Rhinegeist is turning five and we're celebrating with an adventure of epic proportions. On Saturday, June 23rd, Cincinnati-based Rhinegeist Brewery will celebrate a milestone 5th Anniversary with attractions worthy of the Guinness Book, sweeping views of natural wonders, and of course, a full-throttle lineup of rare beers and surprises. After 5 years of beer, all roads lead to Rhinegeist.

Tourist attractions include: Geist Vegas (signage provided by The American Sign Museum), Rhinegeist Falls (photo booth), The Museum of Rhinegeist History (Annex), Lookout Peak (Roof Top), The Elm St Motel (Clubhouse), Geist World (outdoor amusement including dunk tank, slip-n-slide, face painting and more), World’s Largest Dinosaur in a Brewery, Rhinegeist Campgrounds, Souvenir City, cool treats by Dojo Gelato, and a variety of eats by Sartre!

Also on tap? Special releases all day long, highlighted by the launch of Cloud Five, a Hazy Imperial IPA served up in celebration of this year’s big anniversary. The event runs from 12pm-2am on June 23rd, with a portion of the day’s proceeds benefitting Tender Mercies, Gateway House and Peaslee Neighborhood Center.

For a full-list of special releases, entertainment, and activities, road trip on over to the party’s official Facebook event page: https://bit.ly/2IqyPt3

Rhinegeist Brewery 5th Anniversary: A Brief History

The last 5 years have been one big, familial quest for adventure. Let’s take a minute to travel down memory lane. Over the course of the last 5 years, we’ve (deep breath)...

Brewed a cumulative 183,000 barrels of beer (and counting...), grew from a staff of 5 to a roster of more than 300, started a self-distribution model in Ohio, expanded distribution to a total of 5 states (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania), opened and closed a distributorship in KY, launched our Cidergeist cider program, become a staple in the Reds Opening Day Parade and festivities, opened a roof top bar, self-distributed a cumulative 37,389,502 pounds of beer, unveiled our Outer Reaches sour program, brewed 200+ distinct beers, hosted a 50 ft Galeamopus dinosaur, watched a Cincinnati-based futbol team grow from fledgling to full-on MLS team, grew from 120 bbls of cellar capacity to 8,360 bbls of current capacity this year, hosted 250+ weddings and more than 750 private events, welcomed more than 75 new restaurants and businesses to OTR, launched Brewcademy classes for craft beer fans, brewed 5,519 batches of beer...all while watching the city of Cincinnati continue to grow, blossom culturally, and thrive with a unique and powerful vibrancy.