U.S. craft beer continues to gain popularity around the world.

The Brewers Association, a Boulder, Colo.-based trade group, reported this week that craft beer exports grew 3.6 percent last year, totaling 482,309 barrels and valued at $125.4 million.

The Asia-Pacific region (not including Japan) saw the biggest jump at 7.4 percent.

Canada is the leading international market and accounts for 51.3 percent of total exports. The other leading areas are the United Kingdom at 10.5 percent, Sweden at 6.7 percent and Korea at 4.6 percent.

“From innovative styles to international distribution, American craft beer is breaking boundaries,” Brewers Association export development program manager Steve Parr said in a prepared statement. “Through the Brewers Association Export Development Program, we’re able to take the success of local brewers and showcase them on a global scale.”

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