Urban Artifact is best known for sour beers -- not IPAs. But the Cincinnati brewery's Phrenology Wild IPA picked up a worthy mention in Paste's new blind taste test of 324 IPAs from around the country.

Phrenology finished 11th -- the only Ohio brewery that earned a spot in the top 50.

"Beautiful, funky aromatics of spice, hayloft and herbal notes create a delicate base for judicious hopping, which adds an additional, complementary layer of lemon zest and resin," the website says. "It’s a beautifully made beer that displays real skill in brett fermentation while including just enough hops to take it to the next level."

Great Notion Brewing Ripe IPA took the No. 1 spot.

The Brew Kettle White Rajah, which topped the IPA blind tasting in 2015, finished 73rd.

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