Cedar Point is still keeping its exact plans for 2017 under wraps, but it offered a clue on Tuesday when a giant flip-flop was mailed to the media.

The flip-flop simply says “Something’s afoot” and promises more details about the park’s plans for next season will be released Aug. 18.

When the park announced earlier this month that its Mean Streak roller coaster was getting the “ax” and would close Sept. 16, many amusement park observers speculated that the park’s 2017 new attraction would be a conversion of the wooden roller coaster.

It now appears that project, if it goes forward, to add steel track and new elements like loops and inversions to the Mean Streak will not be ready until the 2018 season.

Last year Cedar Point removed two attractions in its Challenge Park area located between the park and Soak City.

The removal of the Skyscraper and go carts, which both charged a separate fee, were removed it opened up room for an expansion of the water park.

Soak City, which also requires a separate admission, opened in 1988 with 10 slides.

The last addition to the water park that now covers 16 acres came in 2012 when the Dragster H2O mat slide was added.

The water park now has five pools, 12 water slides and four children’s areas.

Cedar Point’s sister park Kings Island in Mason opened a major expansion of its water park this year.

Kings Island added the Tropical Plunge a seven-story complex that has six water slides including three Aqua-Launch chambers where riders climb inside and the floor drops out below plunging them 65 feet down a slide.