Lots of clean technology companies are looking to move into the oil and gas industry because of the boom in fracking shale energy, reports Todd Woody at the online news site Quartz.

Woody writes: "A Los Angeles company called OriginOil has developed a technology to help boost production of algae biofuels, one of the great green hopes for displacing fossil fuels and cutting planet-warming carbon emissions. Now OriginOil is repurposing its technology to serve the oil and gas industries as the fracking boom booms.

“'The reason we have put a lot of focus on oil and gas is that it’s a big industry—algae is a lot more small scale,' OriginOil chief executive Riggs Eckelberry tells Quartz.

"OriginOil isn’t alone when it comes to green tech entrepreneurs looking to green up Big Oil. Canadian startups in particular see money to be made helping tar sands drillers clean up their act, or at least the huge volumes of water used in oil and gas extraction."

The full Quartz story is here.