David King

But first, here's yet ANOTHER instance of despicable media bias. A so-called reporter named David Chalian, who was a former political director at ABC News and currently worked for Yahoo News, was overheard saying Romney is "happy to have a party when black people drown". Unfortunately for Chalian, his sick comments were caught on air during a live ABC convention newscast, and Yahoo has terminated him. Our media doesn't like it when their paper thin veneer of objectivity is stripped away, so Chalian had to go.

 VP nominee Paul Ryan (R-WI) took center stage at the convention last night. Here is a transcript of his speech, and here are some of his key comments:

"I'm the newcomer to the campaign, so let me share a first impression. I have never seen opponents so silent about their record, and so desperate to keep their power.

They've run out of ideas. Their moment came and went. Fear and division are all they've got left."

It sure didn't take long for Hope And Change to morph into Fear And Division, did it ? My only bone to pick with Ryan here is, I don't think Obama has run out of ideas. I don't think he really had any ideas in the first place, other than "throw money and bureaucracy at it". Obama's signature accomplishments are 2,000+ page bills that nobody read or understands.

 "When Governor Romney asked me to join the ticket, I said, "Let's get this done"- and that is exactly, what we're going to do.

President Barack Obama came to office during an economic crisis, as he has reminded us a time or two. Those were very tough days, and any fair measure of his record has to take that into account."

Obama reminds us practically by the day that nothing is his fault. It's always somebody else's fault. Yes, Obama inherited a tough situation, but so will Romney if he is elected to fix the mess Obama leaves behind. Nobody ever said being President was a cakewalk, but I don't ever recall any President who has attempted to shift so much blame as has Obama. It's a sign of character weakness.

"So, here's the question: Without a change in leadership, why would the next four years be any different from the last four years?

The first troubling sign came with the stimulus. It was President Obama's first and best shot at fixing the economy, at a time when he got everything he wanted under one-party rule. It cost $831 billion- the largest one-time expenditure ever by our federal government.

It went to companies like Solyndra, with their gold-plated connections, subsidized jobs, and make-believe markets. The stimulus was a case of political patronage, corporate welfare, and cronyism at their worst. You, the working men and women of this country, were cut out of the deal.

What did the taxpayers get out of the Obama stimulus? More debt. That money wasn't just spent and wasted- it was borrowed, spent, and wasted.

Maybe the greatest waste of all was time. Here we were, faced with a massive job crisis - so deep that if everyone out of work stood in single file, that unemployment line would stretch the length of the entire American continent. You would think that any president, whatever his party, would make job creation, and nothing else, his first order of economic business.

But this president didn't do that. Instead, we got a long, divisive, all-or-nothing attempt to put the federal government in charge of health care.

Obamacare comes to more than two thousand pages of rules, mandates, taxes, fees, and fines that have no place in a free country."

As Obama said himself, those shovel ready projects weren't so shovel ready after all. Then Obama laughed about it. I didn't think it was very funny. Obama did get everything he wanted during the first two years of his presidency, when the Democrats entirely controlled Congress, but now the Democrats would have us believe the economy hasn't recovered due to obstruction from the GOP. Democrats must think we the people are really stupid.

"You see, even with all the hidden taxes to pay for the health care takeover, even with new taxes on nearly a million small businesses, the planners in Washington still didn't have enough money. They needed more. They needed hundreds of billions more. So, they just took it all away from Medicare. Seven hundred and sixteen billion dollars, funneled out of Medicare by President Obama. An obligation we have to our parents and grandparents is being sacrificed, all to pay for a new entitlement we didn't even ask for. The greatest threat to Medicare is Obamacare, and we're going to stop it."

Hold on there a second, Mr. Ryan. Yes, Obama has cut Medicare as you say...but aren't YOU also proposing to cut Medicare to deal with the unfunded entitlement situation ? Yes, you are. Ryan has some explaining to do in this area.

"Obamacare, as much as anything else, explains why a presidency that began with such anticipation now comes to such a disappointing close.

It began with a financial crisis; it ends with a job crisis.

It began with a housing crisis they alone didn't cause; it ends with a housing crisis they didn't correct.

It began with a perfect Triple-A credit rating for the United States; it ends with a downgraded America.

It all started off with stirring speeches, Greek columns, the thrill of something new. Now all that's left is a presidency adrift, surviving on slogans that already seem tired, grasping at a moment that has already passed, like a ship trying to sail on yesterday's wind.

President Obama was asked not long ago to reflect on any mistakes he might have made. He said, well, "I haven't communicated enough." He said his job is to "tell a story to the American people"- as if that's the whole problem here? He needs to talk more, and we need to be better listeners?

Ladies and gentlemen, these past four years we have suffered no shortage of words in the White House. What's missing is leadership in the White House. And the story that Barack Obama does tell, forever shifting blame to the last administration, is getting old. The man assumed office almost four years ago- isn't it about time he assumed responsibility?

In this generation, a defining responsibility of government is to steer our nation clear of a debt crisis while there is still time. Back in 2008, candidate Obama called a $10 trillion national debt "unpatriotic"- serious talk from what looked to be a serious reformer.

Yet by his own decisions, President Obama has added more debt than any other president before him, and more than all the troubled governments of Europe combined. One president, one term, $5 trillion in new debt.

He created a bipartisan debt commission. They came back with an urgent report. He thanked them, sent them on their way, and then did exactly nothing.

Republicans stepped up with good-faith reforms and solutions equal to the problems. How did the president respond? By doing nothing- nothing except to dodge and demagogue the issue.

So here we are, $16 trillion in debt and still he does nothing. In Europe, massive debts have put entire governments at risk of collapse, and still he does nothing. And all we have heard from this president and his team are attacks on anyone who dares to point out the obvious.

They have no answer to this simple reality: We need to stop spending money we don't have."

You nailed it, Mr. Ryan, though Obama has now run up over $5.4 trillion in debt, and his first term ISN'T OVER YET !!! Obama has nearly five months left, and will run up about $6 trillion in debt during his first term. That's shameful and inexcusable. Ryan provided an excellent summary of Obama's presidency. The President has no answers to our most pressing problems, and then has the gall to criticize and demagogue those who do come up with answers (like Ryan has). We'd have to be crazy to re-elect a man like that. Non-leadership is not leadership. Obama is like the monday-morning quarterback who criticizes the play of the actual quarterback from the comfort of his couch. The problem is, Obama IS the actual quarterback. Let's change that.

"We have a plan for a stronger middle class, with the goal of generating 12 million new jobs over the next four years.

In a clean break from the Obama years, and frankly from the years before this president, we will keep federal spending at 20 percent of GDP, or less. That is enough. The choice is whether to put hard limits on economic growth, or hard limits on the size of government, and we choose to limit government."

 I like it when a politician has the courage to admit the failures of his own party, and Ryan did that here by criticizing the Bush years. Ryan and other Republicans can be fairly criticized for voting for a lot of Bush's liberal spending, but at the same time, people like Ryan are the only ones with the guts to face our tough problems now. Obama and the Democrats sure aren't facing them. They are only creating more problems, with their heads placed firmly in the sand regarding the fiscal cliff they are driving this country over. There is no time to waste. Obama must not be re-elected. As another speaker at the GOP convention, former Secretary Of State Condoleeza Rice, said yesterday, "No country, not even a rising China, can do more harm to us than we can do to ourselves." Obama is doing tremendous harm to this country, and we must reverse course.

In closing, Ryan said the following:

"We will not duck the tough issues, we will lead.

We will not spend four years blaming others, we will take responsibility.

We will not try to replace our founding principles, we will reapply our founding principles.

The work ahead will be hard. These times demand the best of us- all of us, but we can do this. Together, we can do this.

We can get this country working again. We can get this economy growing again. We can make the safety net safe again. We can do this."

 Sounds good to me. What I know for sure is, I'm sick to death of all the excuses and blame-shifting that are the trademark of the Obama administration.