Dayton Daily News writer Mark Fisher has a story today about a new brewpub co-op hoping to open in Dayton. The Fifth Street Brewpub in the city's St. Anne's Hill neighborhood is seeking people to invest $100 in the venture to get off the ground.

The brewpub hopes to have 300 charter members by July 31. “That will be a trigger point,” co-founder Brian Young told the newspaper. “We don’t want to start spending money before we know there’s interest in this concept and that it’s ready to go forward.”

The Fifth Street Brewpub could be the first such co-op in Ohio. I am not aware of any others, although some breweries -- such as Oval Brewing in Columbus and Good River Brewing in Lorain County -- have turned to to raise capital to launch their operations.

The brewery website lists Eric Zamonski, a Dayton native, as its brewmaster. He is a graduate of the University of California at Davis Master Brewers Program. He previously worked for the Southern California Brewing Company co-op and Pyramid Brewing.

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