The Reverend

Mitt Romney took the stage last night in Tampa to accept the GOP's presidential nomination. He also gave a speech. It was, as Charles Babington opines today in a column entitled "Candidate's message requires voter's faith", a "trust me" speech. No real details on how he would make things all better.....just trust him, I guess, because he's trustworthy?...or something?

In reading the speech this morning, I found the closest thing I could find to....well....a plan. Here it is....

1) Paul Ryan and I have five steps. First, by 2020, North

America will be an energy independent by taking invented(?) of our

oil, our coal, our gas, our nuclear, and renewables.

I blogged on this very issue. This is a fantasy. No serious person who knows anything about proven oil reserves in North America believes for an instant that the U.S. can become independent from foreign oil sources. While finding new oil sources will always be an ongoing venture, the United States simply does not have enough reservoirs of oil under it's ground to make us independent.

Romney's Step 1 is Silly Sarah's 2008 cheer....."drill, baby, drill." Nothing more. And it shouldn't be taken any more seriously than America took Sarah Palin.

2) Second, we will give our fellow citizens the skills they

need for the jobs of today and the careers of tomorrow. When it

comes to the school your child will attend, every parent should

have a choice, and every child should have a chance.

Step 2 is the privatization of public schools. That's what "every parent should have a choice" means. The push to crush teachers unions and privatize the K-12 revenue stream in order to skim profits for a few more already-rich guys.....has been on the GOP table for decades. Only in the last few years, with conservatives and Republicans becoming ever more desperate because their white demographic clocks are running out, have school privatizers become more vocal and the call to privatize more urgent.

Having overseen the burying of former and current college students under for-profit college loan indebtedness....Romney's Republicans would like to begin a capitalistic gaming of K-12 education. Romney, dutifully, called crushing teachers unions and profitizing K-12 education...."choice." What it really a musical-chairs kind of hoax.

Barring extreme circumstances, privatizing an already-existing public service or product will drive the cost of that service up, and the quality down. This is referred to as "choice"...when the operative word is really...."profits."

3) Third, we will make trade work for America by forging new

trade agreements, and when nations cheat in trade, there will be

unmistakable consequences.

Mitt and Paul like to beat up on China. They're cheaters, they say....manipulators. Maybe, but China manufacturers most of the domestic goods sold in the U.S. American jobs, by the millions, have been given over to China so a handful of profit-takers could take more profit in the U.S......while millions of Americans lost those jobs.

An aside here.....can you imagine a "free" nation like the U.S.....a nation who backed down communism in the Cold War....enriching the communist nation of China today? The U.S.A. has, almost singlehandedly, raised up the industrial, and eventually, military, power of a communist nation by sending our manufacturing, etc jobs to that communist country.

While Mitt talks tough about China.....he has every intention of sending many more jobs out of the U.S. so that very wealthy investors, like him, make even more profit. Most "free" trade agreements are constructed for that very further enrich the haves.

4) And fourth, to assure every entrepreneur and every job

creator that their investments in America will not vanish, as

have those in Greece. We will cut the deficit and put America

on track to a balanced budget.

Stupid stuff here. Comparing the U.S. to Greece is the work of dullards and ignoramuses. Under Obama....while many European countries have experienced a double dip recession and severe economic conditions,...the U.S., by not embracing the voodoo of austerians in it's fullness, has maintained positive GDP growth and positive private sector job growth.

Secondly, Romney and Ryan's plan has no details on how the voodoo is supposed to work. They promise to increase defense spending. They refuse to increase balancing the budget means taking $1 trillion out of safety net and entitlement programs. Taking $1 trillion out of the yearly economy will make things worse, as Europe is finding out the hard way. Jobs will be lost.....lots of them.

Third.....other than the "confidence fairy".....not one conservative/Republican has been able to answer my ongoing question: How is the deficit affecting you directly? How is the deficit currently affecting the economy?

Romney and Ryan do not care about the deficit. Romney's plan is a guarantee of much higher debt and deficits. His real plan is to leverage America like he leveraged companies during the Bain years.....and reward the top 1% with much lower tax rates. Borrowing the nation into insurmountable debt to give big tax breaks to the already rich.

5) And fifth, we will champion small businesses, America's

engine of job growth. That means reducing taxes on business,

not raising them. It means simplifying and modernizing the

regulations that hurt small businesses the most, and it means we

must rein in skyrocketing cost of health care by repealing and

replacing Obamacare.

Taking income tax rates on the rich back to Clinton era rates would affect 2-3% of small business owners. Obama has not raised taxes on small businesses. Regulatory controls are not the cause of our current sluggish job growth.......lack of

Repealing Obamacare will throw millions of Americans off health insurance, reopen Bush's "donut hole" for seniors, smuck-up the future for pre-existing condition Americans, and increase the national debt by $25 billion per year.

Summarizing: Mitt has nothing. In the midst of a "just trust me" GOP acceptance speech, starving for detail....even Mitt's 5 measly bullet points are full of deception, sleight of hand, mischaracterizations....and lies.