Fracking shale appears to be greener than greens would like, opines professor Walter Russell Mead at† Via Meadia, his blog at The American Interest web site.

Mead: "A new EPA report punches all kinds of holes in one of greensí chief concerns about the American shale boom: methane gas leaks.

"Natural gas is a relatively clean fuel source when burned, but acts as an extremely potent greenhouse gas if allowed to escape into the atmosphere during drilling or transport, and many greens predict that the shale gas boom will inevitably lead to more leaks of this dangerous gas. But the EPAís report revises estimates of methane emissions leaked during 2010 gas drilling downward by 30 percent.

"... This isnít good news for the Malthusians and Chicken Littles of the world. Their brand of environmentalism thrives on public anxiety, and it will only become less persuasive with more reports like this one."

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