From the Center for Liquified Natural Gas:

U.S. Should Quickly Approve Other Apps

By CLNG President Bill Cooper

23 May 2013

 With Friday’s announcement from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) approving Freeport LNG’s non-free trade agreement (NFTA) permit, President Obama’s recent remarks, and the forums held by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee this month, liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports have taken center stage. Yet, while the Freeport LNG approval is a step in the right direction, it is just that – one step – towards expanding LNG exports and accessing the widespread benefits they would bring the U.S. economy. DOE needs to approve all pending export applications in a timely manner. As past experience and numerous energy experts and economists have established, the market will best judge which projects continue forward. With so much to gain, DOE should authorize the other pending permits as quickly as possible.

LNG exports enjoy a growing momentum of supportacross the country. Countless independent studies over the past few years have found that allowing the market to determine the rate and level of natural gas exports will benefit U.S. consumers. High profile figuresin the industry, including Charles Ebinger of the Brookings Institution and acclaimed author Daniel Yergin, have noted LNG exports signify a unique opportunity for the United States to enhance its geopolitical standing in the global energy market and stimulate much-needed jobs and opportunities at home. Moreover, during DOE’s public comment period, over 100 members of Congress and dozens of state governors and officials signed letters in favor of exports.

Some LNG opponents have woven a narrative that by approving pending permits DOE will be signing off on “unfettered” exports that will disrupt American industries and cause an untenable rise in energy prices for consumers. Unfortunately, this inaccurate portrait does a disservice to the American public, and fails to acknowledge the facts.

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