Garrettsville Water Monitoring Program Public Presentation


Why is Garrettsville is monitoring the ground water in its watershed? What does the baseline water quality data reveal? What conclusions have been reached? What are the recommendations for the program's future? All interested public are invited to share the answers to these questions.

With oil/gas drilling and injection wells being permitted in the area around the Village, Garrettsville's Board of Public Affairs set up a program to detect potential groundwater contamination before it reaches the Village's drinking water well field. BPA consulted the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Ohio Department of Health, and the Portage County Health Department for input on ensuring the integrity of Garrettsville's water wellfield.


Contracts were drawn up with JD Environmental LLC and with private water well owners in Hiram and Nelson Townships for water sampling in the Village's watershed. Portage County Health Department does the water sample collecting. Alloway Labs of Marion, OH does the water testing. The test results have been collected and analyzed by Dr. Jeffrey Dick, chief geologist, and Anna Draa, project geologist, of JD Environmental Consulting LLC.


Dr. Jeffrey Dick and Anna Draa will be presenting their findings and answer questions regarding the Garrettsville Water Monitoring Program to the public on Monday, July 8th at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Village Hall at 8213 High Street in Garrettsville following the regular BPA meeting. CD copies of the Water Monitoring report will be available at the meeting.



Stephanie Byrne, Chris Knop, Fran Teresi, trustees

Garrettsville Board of Public Affairs