From the Marcellus Drilling News:

It appears that Precision Geophysical, a company doing seismic testing in and around Chillicothe Road in Bainbridge (Cuyahoga County), OH, has stirred up a hornets’ nest of trouble with local homeowners. They used thumper trucks along the road without first gaining permission from each (possibly any) of the homeowners in the area, and in at least one case lied to a homeowner about what they were doing.

Precision’s actions have OH State Rep. Matt Lynch hopping mad and leading the charge to slap Precision with a large bill for damages they may have caused to structures in the area:


State Rep. Matt Lynch, R-Bainbridge, wants to hear from homeowners along Chillicothe Road who may have damages related to the “covert” seismic mapping operation conducted over the past few weeks for future fracking operations.

He said his office would seek compensation for residents who incurred damages.

Lynch said he made ODOT and Gov. John Kasich aware the community is in an uproar.

The jolts created by the massive “thumper” trucks and recorded on sensors attached to orange cables stretched across homeowners’ driveways could have cracked building foundations, water well casings and even underground septic systems.

According to its permit through ODOT, Precision Geophysical of Millersburg trespassed on private properties by not obtaining the required written permission from each homeowner in each community it crossed.

According to the permit, ODOT granted permission to use the road, but not create traffic congestion from Kirtland through Aurora.

The permit also states the “contractor shall restore all disturbed highway right-of-way and facilities to a condition equal to or better than that which originally existed.”

It further states the ODOT permit “is not a substitute for satisfying the right of any other party.”

ODOT even provided the company with a sample letter to give homeowners to have them sign and return to grant their permission.

“Nobody got that letter to ask for permission,” Lynch said. “I didn’t get a letter and I own property along that corridor.

He called the actions by the company “willful noncompliance” and suggested ODOT should have revoked the permit.

Lynch said many houses sit on bedrock along this corridor and could have sustained damage from the seismic testing.

Precision Geophysical workers may have deliberately misled homeowners about the project.

An Aurora woman was walking her dog with a friend when the seismic truck drove through her community.

“The jolt almost knocked us on the ground,” she said.

When she asked what they were doing, she was told the workers were with the cable TV company.*

Luuucy—you have some splainin to do!