The Reverend

I never bought into the IRS "scandal" that corporate media were selling, and for many good reasons, which I explained here, here, here and here. After weeks and weeks of total fantasy reporting by the same crack corporate press corp who misled the nation in 2002-2003 over the surety of WMD's in Iraq......we are finally finding out that there actually isn't an IRS scandal at all. It's a huge....Never Mind.....moment.

Let this be a lesson. It's best to read here at Mass Destruction avoid the embarrassment over being mistaken down the road. Just sayin'.

I used the numbers available....the 298 extra-scrutinized c4 tax exempt applications out of 3400 total, of which only a third were from conservative groups.....the 80% of all c4 applications received during the time under question were from conservative groups....and determined that it was untenable to then state, like corporate media did, that conservative Teas were "targeted" for political reasons.

Now we're finding out that Darrell Issa and his Republican co-conspirators staged the entire make it appear as if there were a scandal. Check this out....

The Treasury inspector general (IG) whose report helped drive the IRS targeting controversy says it limited its examination to conservative groups because of a request from House Republicans.

A spokesman for Russell George, Treasury’s inspector general for tax administration, said they were asked by House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) “to narrowly focus on Tea Party organizations.”

Did you get that? Issa specifically requested from the Treasury's inspector general a one-sided review of c4 applications.......only those applications associated with the Teas.

From Reuters....

Any member of Congress can request an audit. Republicans had asked TIGTA (Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration) to investigate whether Tea Party and other conservative, tax-exempt applications were receiving inappropriate treatment by the IRS, said TIGTA spokeswoman Karen Kraushaar.

Now we know that Cincy IRS BOLO's, or 'be on the lookout' for orders included the words "progressive", "blue", "occupy" and even "Israel." But here's the catch....Issa had formally asked TIGTA “to narrowly focus on Tea Party organizations.”

Darrell Issa and his GOP buds staged this entire "scandal".....and corporate media bought the whole Issa-orchestrated package of steaming bullshite. The IRS, despite a flood of new c4 applications following the unAmerican ruling in Citizens United, was simply doing its job trying to determine who qualified for c4 status and who didn't. If there is a scandal is in the choreography by Issa and his co-conspirators to sew an IRS scandal out of whole Jimmy O'Keefe cloth.

The IG report is what triggered compromised media to begin their stenography work about how the IRS was persecuting poor Tea, Patriot and 9/12 groups. We were told by every face that appeared on the teevee, every newspaper article written on the topic, and every mention of this story on AM hate radio that "conservative groups were targeted by IRS."

But like I explained on FOUR separate's all bullshite.

Now the fun part. Why did Issa and his GOP co-conspirators stage such a phony audit and review....leading to the corporate media stenography stories repeating the Issa phoniness?

Let me take a wild guess. Enthusiasm for the Tea groups nationally has dropped precipitously over the last couple of years and especially following the credit downgrade in 2011, which Tea Republicans brought about by threatening to not lift the nation's credit limit.

Next year is a midterm election year. Teas were primarily responsible for the huge GOP midterm win in 2010. But with a sliding approval rating, Teas needed a boost of some kind to re-energize the self-radicalized, Republican-voting groups.

Voila, the message went out....bogus or not, didn't matter.....the IRS is persecuting, targeting conservative Tea and Patriot groups for political purposes, most likely under the Kenyan Usurper's orders.

If there is one characteristic of the far-right which is woven through all Tea and Patriot groups, it's that conservatives are being victimized in America. In many cases, like in the Obamacare/contraception discussion, far-right conservatives already THINK they are being singled out for government suppression or punishment.

What better lie to tell than Obama's IRS is "targeting Tea conservatives"? Such a lie would play right into the persecuted mindset of all Teas....and perhaps, re-energize the nationally-disliked, reactionary conservative groups.

May 20. 2013....The Hill....

A CNN/ORC poll released Monday found 37 percent of those surveyed have a favorable opinion of the Tea Party, up 9 points from their 28 percent positive rating in March......"Politically, the group that may have benefitted the most from last week's news is the Tea Party movement, which may be getting something akin to a 'sympathy vote' for being targeted by the highly unpopular IRS," CNN polling director Keating Holland.

A nine point jump is nothing to boast about a fading and unpopular astroturf political group you got's to take what you can get.....and that's why Issa delivered the staged-IRS scandal the way he did.

Now, all those who doubted The Reverend on this specific story are welcome to apologize for that doubting in the comment thread below.