The Reverend

Conservative media had all but wet themselves on national teevee explaining breathlessly, and with orgiastic glee, how President Obama would suffer a very, very, very bad month of June. The Supreme Court would rule in favor of Governor Jan Brewer's state of Arizona over the now-struck-down SB 1070.....states have a right to defend their borders. by god......and then Obamacare was going to be gutted by a band of small government, Constitution-protecting, conservative jurists...because, because, the government can't make citizens do anything, ever...and anyway, ObamaCare is unconstitutional. Oh, and liberty....don't forget liberty

So confident were the faith-based, conservative media that the Supremes would put the communist-wannabe, Obama, in his rightful place for acting all, you know, uppity while being president, that Speaker Boehner had a word of caution to conservatives about celebrating too loudly or too excitedly once the anti-colonialist Kenyan had his political nose bloodied by the Supreme Court this month....

"...if the Court strikes down all or part of the president’s health care law, there will be no spiking of the ball.”

No, Orange Julius......I didn't see any ball-spiking by conservatives after SB 1070 and ObamaCare were both ruled in favor of the White House.....nope, no wild and crazy celebration over the president's mighty "overreach." The giant, national winger party that was to be held at the end of June in celebration of the Supreme Court's guaranteed slapping down of both Obama's attempt to stop Arizona from protecting it's own borders and a Nazi takeover of health insurance in the U.S........has been canceled.

Today, there's absolutely no joy in Mudville.

No joy, and no focus either.

Matt Drudge, right wing media's cesspool source, is wondering whether Chief Justice Roberts epilepsy is flaring up....and that is what explains his majority decision to uphold Obamacare.

Mitt Romney keeps talking about executive orders he will make repealing the now-ruled-constitutional Affordable Care Act......the same Act he repeatedly called unconstitutional. When asked yesterday about his prior claims that the bill was unconstitutional....Romney dodged the question and said he would repeal ObamaCare because it was "bad policy." What the GOP presidential candidate did not say, however, is why he, as Massachusetts Governor, passed the exact same "bad policy."

The month of June, 2012 should be a lesson of warning to excitable conservatives. Yes, I understand that you hate the Obama and want him and his Kenyan tribe out of the Oval Office....I get that. I've gotten that since January 20, 2009. And you are entitled in America to your bitter, often hateful and ugly attitudes towards the Democratic president and his target-of-impeachment-by-proxy, AG Eric Holder.

But why be taken as fools by very rich teevee and radio gasbags in the conservative swarm media? Why be so gullible to believe in whatever new lie is swarming about within the fever swamps of conservative media? Why be suckered so easily?

Just because Hannity, Rushbo, Bill-O, Krauthammer, Drudge or RedState claim ad nauseum that stuff is unconstitutional and will be struck down.....doesn't make it so. The conservative media machine doesn't care anything about truth or facts.....they only care about winning.

The feeling that is in the pit of conservative stomachs today after being 180 degrees mistaken about SB 1070 and ObamaCare.......was put there because you trusted that conservative spokespeople, journalists and conservative celebrities were telling it to you straight. I've got news.....they weren't.

What's worse....and here's where I'm empathetic with conservatives today.....the reason you feel deflated and defeated today is because the swarmers....conservative media....exploited your emotions, played you for suckers....telling you a million times, and with a straight face, that the mean old communist Obama was pushing big government, socialist legislation in his attempt to destroy America...but that it would all be struck down by the Court because it was all illegal.

Nothing from conservative, swarm-media proved out to be true. Yes, the federal government has the exclusive constitutional right to dictate immigration law. Yes, the federal government has the constitutional right to regulate interstate commerce and impose taxes and fees in doing so.

And no.....contrary to the Snowbilly.....freedom did not die yesterday. What happened was.....conservatives had a cold bucket of reality thrown on them when a very conservative Court ruled against two years-worth of conservative swarm-media assertions that Obamacare was unconstitutional.

It isn't....and never was....and now it's time for conservatives to turn off the swarmers, turn off Fox,.....quit being used for suckers.....and rejoice in the fact that millions more Americans will have access to healthcare insurance. Because, like it or not, we're all in this together.