The Reverend

Another reminder that one cannot be cynical enough theses days.

What I don't quite understand is why House Republicans didn't include a repeal of Roe in their hostage-taking-spree vote last night.....

At the last minute, party leaders decided to add a special "conscience clause" delaying for one year an Obamacare rule that non-church employer health plans cover contraception without co-pays for female employees.

Why play small ball? I mean, right? Why piddle around only warring on women working for theocratic bosses or female-hating supervisors? ALL women need put in their rightful place....I mean, come on.....not just ones working for sanctimonious and self-righteous religionist bosses. So, why not behave like Real Men.....and inform Harry Reid that unless Senate Democrats repeal Roe, House Patriots will defund government? As long as you are making asstastic fools of yourselves....why not make it, you know, really mean something?

Instead, the timid House Teas chose to play small ball...some might even call it small smuck-stick ball....attaching a dead-on-arrival amendment to a dead-before-arrival hostage letter rerun pious employers, and only pious employers, the right to choose, or not, contraception availability rights guaranteed to all women in the ACA.

Playing small ball, or smuck-stick ball, when your plan is to shut down gub'mint....I don't know....seems limp and kind of weak to this blogger. It isn't like Senate Democrats are going to go along with any of the TeaHouses's demands. That's been clear for weeks and weeks.

Last night, America's Taliban-surrogate body sent the continuing funding resolution back to the Senate with three new demands. Delay the ACA mandate for a year, repeal the medical device sales tax and fund the military if Republicans get their way and the government closes down. I especially like the last Republicans are shutting down a functioning federal government, they want to appear patriotic while they're doing so.

Then, the House Taliban members looked at what they were about to send over to the the full realization that the Senate and the President would reject any demands out of hand....and decided "at the last minute" they were about to miss a great opportunity to express their contempt for autonomous women. Thus the "conscience clause" provision for pious, religionist employers, entitled by the Taliban amendment to do the choosing for women employees when it came to including contraception availability via insurance that female employees actually pay for.

It's brilliant. What better way to further alienate a voting block you are already losing because of loose lips over rape, contraception and, you know, sluts? Single out women and remind them all across the country how much you don't like their promiscuousness, right?

But if all these House amendments are over Very Serious Matters...and not just Stupid Political Theater....why not offer up something that your disgruntled and angry base voters could really sink their angry and sharp teeth into?

In lieu of a demand for Obama's resignation or the gub'mnt shuts down.....why not demand repealing Roe? The population is not in favor of repealing Roe...but so what? The nation is also against shutting down the federal government over repealing Obamacare but that hasn't phased the Government Shutdown Artists.

I'm reminded of the illustrious words from the Decorated GOP Patriot, Donald Rumsfeld...."go big, wrap it all up, large and small".....barking boldly his intention to occupy numerous middle eastern nations. Now, that was a Go-Big Guy, no?

It's just too bad that the House isn't controlled by bolder and more daring Leaders instead of the small ball, whiny-ass Kabuki Ping-Pong Players currently playing a sure-to-lose, Return-a-Volley game with the Senate.

The Senate may or may not take up tomorrow the new, old hostage letter from the House. If I were Harry Reid, I wouldn't. Let the government shut down. The blame will most likely fall on the GOP even though that may not make any difference whatsoever with such a polarized electorate.

But the entertainment value, alone, of Village swine responding to a shutdown by insisting "both sides are responsible", will make it all a worthwhile act of anarchist destruction.