From the Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy, a New York-based grass-roots group:

The Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy ha started mailing an informational brochure, ARE YOU READY TO BE PART OF GOVERNOR CUOMO’S EXPERIMENT?, to more than 84,000 households in the Southern Tier and municipalities where Town Boards have taken actions to encourage fracking, usually without public notice, and often despite clearly expressed opposition from town residents. Actor Debra Winger lives in the Sullivan County Town of Fremont. Its Board refused to let the public read, or comment upon, a pro-fracking resolution before adopting it last summer. “It’s sad that people who have been my neighbors for twenty-two years, people I've shared meals with, whose businesses I've supported, are now falling prey to a divisive approach to government” said Ms. Winger. She blames the corrosive influence of industry lobbyists. “Members of my Town Board are following the lead of others and adopting furtive methods to get what they think is being denied to them, instead of entering into public discourse.”


The brochure describes some of the legal loopholes enjoyed by the gas industry that threaten drinking water supplies, and exposes the fact that the industry plans to frack America so it can ship gas to countries such as India, Japan and China.


Earlier this year Catskill Citizens sent the brochure to more than 190,000 households in the five counties that Governor Cuomo has reportedly targeted for experimental fracking. “We received lots of positive feedback on that mailing, but we also heard howls of protest from the gas industry, which claimed that we exaggerated the risks of fracking, and presented false information” says Catskill Citizens member Bruce Ferguson “so this time around we’re providing a link to a detailed twenty-four page documentthat substantiates each and every claim made in the brochure.”


Recent polls show that a small majority of New Yorkers now oppose hydraulic fracturing.


For more information, contact info@catskillcitizens.orgor call (845) 468-7063.