All About Beer Magazine has held beer festivals in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Virginia. But this summer, the magazine’s World Beer Festival franchise, is branching north to Cleveland.

What’s up with that? Why Cleveland? I caught up with magazine publisher Daniel Bradford this week to find out the answer.

Well for starters, Cleveland is home to the well-respected Great Lakes Brewing Co.,  Bradford said in a telephone interview. In addition to producing tasty beer, Great Lakes is known for its strong commitment to the environment and community, and the World Beer Festival focuses on education and community, he said.

"It was attractive for that reason," Bradford said.

Then, there’s the city’s growing beer reputation.

"It’s really a hot town," Bradford said. "The feeling that I get is that there’s a local beer culture that’s strong. ... It just feels like we have a role to play to add to the beer community."

The World Beer Festival is July 13 at the North Coast Harbor in Cleveland. It will feature more than 200 beers, entertainment, beer exhibits and educational seminars. For more details or to buy tickets, click here.