Part concert, part movie, part theater, part just plain creepy, Cedar Point’s newest entertainment addition to its HalloWeekends lineup is sure to put you in the Halloween mood.

The park has called on Midnight Syndicate, a Chardon-based duo of composers of Halloween-tinged music, to create its first live show — Midnight Syndicate Live!

The show, which is not for the timid or youngsters, opens in the large Good Time Theatre — appropriately renamed the Ghoul Time Theatre — with deadpan performers, Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka, walking down a castle staircase into a creepy, fog-filled courtyard.

The musicians waste no time launching into Gothic-inspired music that sets the tone for a movie that is played on large screens on the stage.

Without giving too much away, it becomes is clear from the very start that this is not your typical concert.

The duo, who don’t utter a word, are complemented by a strong-voiced female singer who does a nice job of moving the storyline along.

Midnight Syndicate takes full advantage of incorporating the theater and the park in its performance.

The show is certainly top-notch and ambitious by Cedar Point standards — ranking right up there with the Snoopy-inspired ice show that occupies the theater in the summer months.

Midnight Syndicate started back in 1996 and is best known for its instrumental soundtracks that, in their words, are "designed to transport you to the darkest corners of your imagination."

The duo bills itself as the first "haunted house band" whose work is a staple as background music in films, television shows, video games, amusement parks and haunted attractions.

In a 2009 ranking of the "Top 10 Best Halloween Music CDs" of all time by AOL/CBS Radio listeners, Midnight Syndicate CDs landed three of the top spots.

In all, the duo have released 14 studio albums, three soundtracks and a movie.

The group’s partnership with Cedar Point marks its first live performance.

The show, which is included with the park admission, runs on Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays through Nov. 1.

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