Natural gas is a cleaner fuel than coal but it is not clean enough to help the globe, an environmental expert, Columbia University's Jeffrey Sachs, said at an international gathering in Abu Dhabi, according to Clean Technica.

Clean Technica said highlights of Sachs' talk included:

"' Natural gas production is not sustainable -- it's also harmful to our climate. 'The hydrofracking revolution that is bringing shale oil and shale gas to many parts of the world is very profitable, but it is not putting the world on a trajectory that is sustainable by any stretch of the imagination.'

"Later in the speech, he added: 'while we are in the middle of our new "gold rush" of hydrofracking, and we tell ourselves conveniently that natural gas is clean, it is cleaner than coal, but it is†absolutely not clean enough†to divert us from a trajectory of grave damage on the environment ó letís be clear about that. We use rhetoric, which lulls us to complacency, to say that natural gas is a clean energy source. It is not a low-carbon energy source. Itís low-carbon only in comparison to coal. But it is high-carbon in comparison to what our climate can take.'Ē

The whole thing can be read here.