The Reverend

Yesterday in Indianapolis, Indiana the group Moms Demand Action gathered outside the Statehouse to bring attention to children killed by guns each day, as well as to voice their support for new and stricter gun regulations.

"On average, eight children die each day in this country from gun violence. Eight," said (Nicky) McNally, spokesperson for Moms Demand Action.

But the moms from Moms Demand Action were not alone outside the Indianapolis Statehouse yesterday.

A second group of mom-protesters calling themselves, Indiana Moms Against Gun Control (seriously), were also outside the Statehouse....only their message was in direct contradiction to Moms Demand Action.

Melinda Porter, a stroller-pushing Muncie mom, is head of the gun-toting lobby called Indiana Moms Against Gun Control.

As I spoke to her, she pointed to the man standing next to her to demonstrate her point of view. "I know him. I can sell him a gun. I know he is not going to do anything wrong with it. And that does not require a background check," she said.

But wait, there's more. Also outside the Indianapolis Statehouse yesterday alongside both protesting-mom groups were men carrying loaded semi-automatic AR-15 rifles (see pictures at link), the same gun used to make mincemeat out of twenty 1st graders in Connecticut.

,,,a handful of gun control opponents stood at attention, all armed with rifles that they described as AR-15 semi-automatic weapons strapped on their shoulders.

One man, Nick Voils, who was carrying a weapon remarked. "To me this is normal."

"To walk down the street with one of these on?" Eyewitness News asked.

"Yeah," he responded.

But it really wasn't normal, because Mr. Voils then had this exchange....

"What is the purpose...of walking around with it?" a woman asked.

"Of me owning it? Obviously it is a demonstration because a lot of people believe this is some kind of vicious item. This is nothing but a tool," said the armed man.

"it is a demonstration"

Normalizing the carrying of loaded military-style weaponry in public is what the NRA and the gun fetishists are up to. Increased gun profits for manufacturers is one reason for these "demonstrations"......the intimidation of those opposed to the normalization of loaded military-style weaponry in public is another.

This is Easter weekend, a time of remembrance of life, rebirth.....and new beginnings. But I must say, when it comes to our national attitude about life and death as it relates to guns....I don't see any new beginnings.

Newtown was supposed to be different....THIS time will be different, people said. Not so. Even background checks for all gun purchasers is just too much to ask.

Less than four months after the obscene slaughter of 20 tiny children with an AR-15, loaded AR-15 carrying males in Indianapolis thought it was a good idea to counterprotest a group of moms calling for sensible new gun regulations.

For me, it doesn't get any more depressing or despicable than that.


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