The Reverend

Refreshing news.

In a recent poll, Rush Limbaugh was chosen as the most hated "news" personality.

Restores your faith in America, doesn't it?

Just when you think United States citizens are not really out of their minds....and there is a glimmer of hope for the future of America, we find this from The Dick's home state....

On Friday, the Wyoming House of Representatives advanced a bill to set up a task force to
prepare for the total economic and political collapse of the United States. Per the bill, the panel would investigate things like food storage options and
metals-based currencies, to be implemented in the event of a major catastrophe.

Then it goes three steps further. An amendment by GOP state Rep. Kermit Brown*, calls on the task force to examine "Conditions under which the state of Wyoming should implement a draft, raise a standing army, marine corps, navy and air force and acquire strike aircraft and an aircraft carrier." As the bill's GOP sponsor, state Rep. David Miller, explained to the Casper Star-Tribune, "Things happen quickly sometimes."

Things, apparently, like dementia, Alzheimers.

My personal favorite....."metals based currencies." Beer cans?

Wyoming has 560,000 residents. Less than many average U.S. cities. Perhaps it's the loneliness that is causing the hallucinations up in Wyoming. The long periods of time in between making contact with other human beings. Maybe Glenn Beck got to the frontal lobes of more Wyoming residents than ever imagined.

Other things Rep. Miller said...

The billís sponsor, state Rep. David Miller, R-Riverton, said
with the national debt exceeding $15 trillion and protest movements growing around the country the State needs to make sure itís protected should any unexpected emergency hit the U.S.

"the national debt"...and...."protest movements"

The national debt of the U.S. has reached a level equal with our nation's yearly GDP. A situation comparable to a family earning $50,000 per year and carrying a mortgage of $50,000. Protest movements in America have always been a kind of national pastime.....and have proven to be less violent over time.

Over three years ago, when conservatives were taking to their soapboxes to warn of the New Dark Socialist President destroying the nation.....before Obama was inaugurated....fears over coming inflation became all the rage. You see, to the faith-based....if the U.S. government had to borrow more money to stabilize the nation's safety net and economy, hyper-inflation would follow.

The (wrong) theory was that there would be fewer and fewer buyers of our "new" debt, and that would drive interest rates higher.....everyone would have to raise their prices to compensate for higher interest rates....resulting in U.S. consumers needing wheelbarrows to carry enough money around to pay for weekly groceries.

A funny thing happened on the way to the Wyoming legislature's mental breakdown. The appetite for U.S. debt has remained strong.....for three years running, and interest rates have never been so low. Which demonstrates that conservative gloom and doomers don't know what they were talking about.

No matter to Wyoming GOP legislators. In fact, the non-threat of current national debt motivated these GOP'ers to counter the non-threat with preparations for Armageddon. "a draft, raise a standing army, marine corps, navy and air force and acquire strike aircraft and an aircraft carrier."

Who are Wyoming patriots preparing to fight against? I have no idea. Liberals? The FED? Democrat zombies who must eat only Wyoming brains? Who? Maybe the Wyoming Republicans are only reflecting the "sovereign movement" id, and the plan to militarize their state is in preparation to take on the U.S. military. If so, good luck and may god bless.

Protest movements. Protest movements are probably an endangered species in Wyoming, where, understandably, it would be difficult to get people together....because of how few people there are there. Seriously though, being fearful of protest movements in Wyoming, doesn't seem rational.

So what gives with Wyoming's more imaginative Republican politicos?

My take is that Republicans in Wyoming are doubling down in a general election year on their fellow wingers crack-pipe dream of "taking their country back" from the Democratic devils who have illegitimately usurped power through being elected.

Rep. David Miller is acting like a fan(atic) whose team is about to be blown out by its rival in November. Instead of accepting the reality of Obama's re-election, and moving on, Republican losers are puffing out their puny chests, like little children, and saying...."we'll get you for this."

In other's just winger child's play.