The World Beer Festival in Cleveland on July 13 will feature a special presentation on the "Sumerian Beer Project" undertaken by Great Lakes Brewing Co., organizers announced. Brewery co-owner Pat Conway will talk about Great Lakes' effort to replicate a 5,000-year-old Sumerian beer using only clay vessels and a wooden spoon.

His presentation is part of the Art of Beer Village at the event. The project -- which recently was featured in the New York Times -- was inspired by a visit to the University of Chicago, Conway's alma mater.

“In collaboration with the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago, we are developing an authentic (or as close as we can get) Sumerian beer," brewery spokeswoman Marissa DeSantis said in a prepared statement. "Using only rudimentary tools created for us by the Oriental Institute, we’re attempting to create the first known beer recipe referenced in the Hymn to Ninkasi. Since the summer of 2012, we’ve experimented with different ingredients and methods with an unwavering dedication to create the most authentic ancient beer possible."

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