The Reverend

Over 70% of Americans think our government should be focusing on economic issues and unemployment rather than on alleged scandals. Then again, 90% of Americans are in favor of universal background checks for all gun purchases and we saw how that turned out. Which means that if you are turned off and disgusted right now over the Village Idiots and their wall-to-wall coverage of.....a bunch of're really gonna be pissed by the time autumn rolls around.

House Republicans can't help themselves. The GOP detests a functioning federal government. On the 8th Day of Creation Ronaldus Maximus spoke the words, "gub'mint is not the solution, gub'mint is the problem".....and Republicans ever since have been trying to wreck the federal government, making it as dysfunctional as possible. And they're finding some success.

The last Congress (2010-2012) was the least productive Congress in all of modern American history. The 113th Congress, five months in, is on track to eclipse the record productivity lows of the last it's not as if the current Congress is going to improve much on their 9% approval rating as determined by "we the people."

And that suits Republicans just fine. Republicans want Americans to disapprove of the federal government, to scoff at any notion that the federal government can accomplish anything believe that the federal government is dysfunctional and "the problem" rather than a vehicle to potential solutions to pressing national problems.

That is the GOP "message" you so often hear conservatives talk about. A 9% approval rating of Congress and historically low numbers of legislative accomplishments means to Republicans that their "message" is winning the political day. In other words, current congressional dysfunction is a prime object lesson illustrating what Republicans mean when they speak so often of "limited government."

Have you ever wondered what the hell House Republicans were thinking that would compel them to vote 37 separate times to repeal Obamacare? Not that complicated. When Americans learn of the 37 votes to repeal Obamacare they become disgusted with the House, Congress and the overall federal government. See? The federal government is the "problem". The 9% approval rating of Congress, to Republicans, is a sign that they are winning. Yes, it's a perversion.....but it's still what's been happening.

This same GOP House has now set the stage for next week's "gub'mint is the problem", IRS, Scandalmania production. And are they Scrabble-word-entry, Reince Priebus explained Tuesday....

"So this isn't the end of the line, this is just the beginning. And I've got a good feeling that Darrell Issa is going to be having quite a summer in reviewing what's been going on here in the White House as far as this scandal is concerned."

Reince has "a good feeling" that the Iceman will "be having quite a summer" helping Americans detest their federal government even more than they already do. Not because of any compelling evidence of executive branch wrongdoing.....but because of the "beat the dead horse" hearings, themselves. If Americans pay any attention at all to next week's, and this entire summer's, GOP barrel-scraping they will come away muttering how it's all a bunch of bullshite.....disgusting them even more about the federal government. See? It's a Republican win. That's why Reince is smiling.

Next week will bring a Monday GOP House fishing expedition with guest bait, acting IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel and Treasury's IG, J. Russell George. Tuesday, the "gub'mint is the problem" guests to the House Ways and Means Committee hearing will include self-victimized heads of Tea and Patriot groups.....undoubtedly appearing to testify about how they were mistreated when the IRS granted them "social welfare" tax exempt status when they didn't legally deserve it. It's all going to be so great.

However, some Republicans have worries.

Former GOP Rep. Tom Davis,..... “As a chairman, you don’t want to overreach yourself because you don’t want to lose the crowd,” said Davis,.... “As long as you’re moving incrementally, you hold everyone’s attention. … The chairman is smart at this point to keep gathering facts and keep public interest high.”

Today's Republicans amaze me at times. They see themselves as slick operators successfully massaging the psyche of Americans with what they think are serious accusations against a Democratic president they despise. They think the American people are ignorant enough to swallow their theatrics......after 4+ years of non-stop hysterical Obama-bashing. Truth is......and last November's election proved it....the American people are way ahead of the "message" machine of the "limited government" party. American voters are much smarter than Republicans give them credit. Need proof?

President Obama’s approval ratings have increased since a trio of controversies involving his administration began dominating the news cycle.

Fifty percent of those surveyed in Gallup’s (no liberal polling group) three-day tracking poll released Wednesday say they approve of the job the president is doing, compared to 43 percent who said they disapprove.

The 7 percentage-point positive margin is better than where the president stood in the poll over the two weeks before the IRS and Department of Justice scandals broke, and is near Obama’s rating over the waning days of the 2012 campaign when voters convincingly elected him to a second term in office.