From Food & Water Watch:

Columbus, OH – “Today’s news that yet another company allegedly dumped oil and gas waste directly into a private pond should raise a red flag for legislators considering an amendment to the budget bill regulating the disposal of radioactive waste from fracking. The proposed amendment would allow the industry to self-police, monitoring wastes on-site for radioactivity. What’s more is that according to radiation experts, the monitoring likely to be implemented will be inadequate to accurately determine the concentration of radioactivity in oilfield wastes.


“This legislation will give lawmakers a false sense of security that our regulators are keeping low-level radioactive waste from fracking out of Ohio’s municipal landfills. It won’t. In fact, the legislation will exempt much of the potentially radioactive wastes resulting from oil and gas drilling. Ohio has only begun to scratch the surface in finding out exactly how radioactive the wastes are from fracking. Implementing a policy for radioactive waste disposal that could open up Ohio’s landfills to more radioactive waste is reckless at worst and ill informed at best. Ohio Senators should reject the proposal, like the Ohio House did, and work toward legislation that is informed by sound science, not political expedience.“