Redd's Apple Ale -- a new brand from MillerCoors -- hits the Ohio market starting today (Feb. 1). Brewed by Redd’s Brewing Co. in Albany, Ga., it's described as "an apple flavored golden ale with low malt and bitterness cues."

"Redd's Apple Ale is all about inspiring beer drinkers to dare to branch out," brand manager Andrew Zrike said in a prepared statement. "With its crisp, sweet and refreshing taste, we dare consumers to reach for a Redd's as an alternative to their everyday beers. We are excited and proud to share Redd's Apple Ale with beer drinkers across the country."

Redd's was launched last summer in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. Starting today, it's available nationwide.

The beer is available in six- and 12-pack bottles, 12-pack cans, and 16-ounce single-serve cans. It's 5 percent alcohol by volume.