Rivertown Brewing Co. in Lockland will release a couple of interesting collaboration beers next year. The brewery has teamed up with New Holland Brewing Co. in Holland, Mich., and Smooth Ambler Spirits in Maxwelton, W.Va.

The New Holland effort is called Funk Vessel, a sour ale. "Most breweries that collaborate you come up with a recipe and the brewers meet and you sit down and brew this beer," Rivertown co-owner and brewer Jason Roeper said. "What we decided to do is, screw that, we'll exchange vessels. So we sent them our vessels, our barrels, and they sent us their barrels. So we're making the same beer but in different vessels in different breweries."

Rivertown also is putting its sour ale in gin barrels from Smooth Ambler and aging it with tonic water. "It's sorta going to be a sour gin and tonic," Roeper said.