The Reverend

Very busy this week.

Here's a couple of things I think are worthy of discussion.

1) Mitt Romney's WTF moments in England and Israel. What in the name of WTF-ness was Romney doing? Thinking?

First, Mitt insults the Brits by questioning whether they were ready to host the Games. To what end, I have no idea. Please, someone.....give me an answer to why Romney would behave so badly towards our strongest ally. It makes no sense.

Second, Mitt goes to Israel, prostrates himself before Bibi in worship and adoration.....and then proceeds to insult the people that Israel keeps, basically, in captivity...the Palestinians of Gaza and the West Bank. Kicking victims while they're down and out may have been all fun and games for Romney and his prep school buddies back in high school.....but it is senseless and dangerous activity on the world stage.

Question: Has Mitt's truly nation-embarrassing performances in England and Israel disqualified him as unready and unfit to sit in the Oval Office? And if not....what would Mitt have to do/say before he did disqualify himself?

2) My favorite Supreme....Antonin Scalia, is hawking his new book. That means he has to be interviewed by Villagers....which means that Scalia has opportunities to share his deep, vast and unequaled originalist thinking with us mere mortals.

Scalia stated that the 2nd amendment just might support Americans owning hand held rocket launchers. But they must be hand held. Any weapon that can be covered under the 2nd. Handheld nuclear-tipped grenade or rocket long as a person can hold it in his hands. To Scalia that's what "bearing" arms means.

And that's why Scalia is unfit to sit on the Supreme Court.

What do you think?