Beer distributor Treu House of Munch in Northwood and uHaps Media of Lexington, Ky., have teamed up to create "Beer Loves Toledo."  It's a web and social media channel designed to "provide access to local beer specials and events, and exclusive video, photo and social media content," the companies say.

“Increasingly, brands are able to create their own media channels, and build an audience with whom you can engage on a daily basis," Treu President Todd Esser said in a prepared statement. "Beer Loves Toledo will give Treu House of Munch the opportunity to create our own audience in a way that supplements our traditional marketing and advertising practices.” 

Treu House of Munch employs more than 90 people, and serves more than 1,200 on- and off-premise accounts. The company distributes brands such as Anheuser-Busch and Yuengling. Beer Loves Toledo has hired Toledo-based "brand ambassadors," who have started collecting content from events like Bud Light Night at The Distillery. 

To view Beer Loves Toledo, click here.