1. The Cleveland Museum of Natural History is sponsoring a Sept. 7 symposium on forest management.

It will run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the museum.

The symposium's official title is Forest Management: Seeing the Forest and the Trees.

Keynote speakers include Dr. Joan Maloof of the Old-Growth Forest Network and Dr. Michael Saunders of Purdue University.

One of the programs includes a look at the impact of Marcellus shale development on Pennsylvania's forests.

The registration fee is $20.

To register, check out www.cmnh.org/site/consym.aspx. You can also call 216-231-1177or 800-317-9155, Ext. 3279.

2. The Muskingum Conservancy Watershed District on Aug. 24 voted to lease an additional 1.3 acres near Piedmont Lake to Texas-based Gulfport Energy.

The district will get $5,000 an acre.

In addition, the district's governing board also approved a deal with Enterprise Liquids Pipeline LLC of Cleveland for a right of way to extend drilling pipelines near Clendening Lake in eastern Ohio.

Earlier, the district had approved a water deal enabling Gulfport to take up to 11 million gallons of water from Clendening to frack a well.

The district later halted water deals until it can assess the impacts such water withdrawls might have on its  reservoirs.

3. The Marcellus Drilling News reports that Norway's Statoil is seeking more shale acreage in the United States.

In 2008, the company purchased a 32.5 percent interest in Chesapeake Energy Corp.'s Marcellus shale acreage. That amounted to 600,000 net acres.

Like other companies, Statoil is reportedly most interested in wet-gas areas that include Ohio's UItica shale.