Would the idea of zombies chasing you help you move faster?
Have you figured out where to put your cellphone and car keys while you’re on a run?
Did you know some strategically placed tape can help support a weak muscle or tendon?

In our last group email, I asked what “accessories” you’ve been using during your workouts and here’s what our fellow Blue Line Beginners shared:

RUNNING BELTS: Several BLBers said they use the FLIPbelt, SPIbelt or something similar for carrying their cellphone and car keys. As the name suggests, it straps around your waste, under or over your shirt. And because it’s not in a pocket where movement might accidentally stop, start or pause an app, it might be the answer for folks like me who wonder why their training program has suddenly ceased talking to them. If you Google “running belt” you’ll find a wide variety of options. If you’re training at longer distances, you might even be interested in belts that have room for a bottle of water. You’ll also find these products at local running stores like Vertical Runner and Second Sole. To cut down on the bulk you're taking on the trail, Christine Klecic suggests taking a separate car key with you so you don’t have to carry the whole keychain.

DO IT YOURSELF: Of course, if you’re good with your hands, you can save a few bucks and make your own holster. Anita Peters crocheted something she wears over her sholder but under her shirt and it carries her keys, cellphone and tissues. “It’s fair to say that if it stands still long enough, I’ll probably crochet around it," she quipped. She didn’t send a photo but if you know you’re way around a hook or a sewing machine, you can probably figure it out!

KNEE SLEEVES: I noticed these adorning some knee caps on our Saturday outings. I feel lucky that my knees haven’t given me a lick of trouble yet, but being a large woman, I’m always worried that might change. I plan to buy them soon and use them in the hopes of fending off trouble. If you already have some knee problems, you might find some helpful information here: http://www.fleetfeethartford.com/sports-medicine/sports-medicine-corner/runners-knee

KT TAPE: Here’s a tape that can be applied to give extra support to legs, knees, ankles and feet. You can wear the tape up to 5 days and shower over it. Videos show how to apply it for everything from Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis to Shin Splints and Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS): http://www.kttape.com/instructions. Be sure to read the “general instructions” on that page, too. Very important info there.

CHAFING/BLISTERS: I’m sure there’s more than one option for this problem, but Michael Dilisio, owner of Second Sole in Akron, noted a product called Body Glide that goes on like deodorant. Just rub it on any skin that is subject to friction. Dilisio said he even uses it between two toes that rub against each other.

RUNNING SOCKS: I mentioned these in a previous blog post but bringing it up again because I am in love with my running socks. The special Olefin fiber keeps my feet dry and the compression fabric stops them from slipping down at the heel and giving me blisters. I bought mine at the same time I bought my shoes and paid a premium for them (4 for $40), but Cindi Martin found hers online for a much better price. If you search “running socks” on Amazon, for instance, you’ll get some that use Olefin or other “moisture wicking” fabrics for less than the $10 a pair that I paid. (Also, if you are wearing compression socks, be sure to keep your toenails clipped short. They can be very uncomfortable if you don’t.)

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! If you need a little extra motivation to work out, how about pretending zombies are chasing you. Christine Klecic pointed out a free phone app called Zombies, Run! “It sets a scenario where you are living in a post- apocalyptic world slowly being taken over by zombies," she said. "Your job as Runner 5 is to do missions for the humans who remain in secluded outposts. As you listen, zombies will come after you and you have to sprint - which makes you do interval training without realizing it! Between missions your own music (Spotify, Pandora or iTunes) plays as well. It’s a nice way of distracting yourself while you run.” Read more here: https://zombiesrungame.com

Thanks to everyone who shared their product suggestions and reviews!

- Paula