From Beacon Journal photographer and Blue Line Beginner half marathon hopeful Karen Schiely:

Nine miles. Ugh.

If you would like to keep reading, thank you for being kind because that is pretty much all I have to say about Saturdayís training run. It was not fun. I heard someone say grueling. That would be about right. My time was awful and I even felt a little sick afterward. And my knees were like, ďrunnerís high, my butt!Ē Ugh. Yes, ugh indeed but a big thanks to whoever created energy gel packs. It definitely helped after mile six. Now if someone could just create a magic wand to make my knees 15-years-old again, it would be greatly appreciated.

But I got up AGAIN and did three miles Monday morning as our training regimen for the half marathon requires. I felt better, not great, but better. Iím not looking forward to the 12 miles this weekend. I wonít be able to do the training run with you all this Saturday. Iíll most likely be on the towpath trail at some point over the weekend seeing mile markers as mirages only to come upon them and see tree stumps. This is when it gets hard. This is when I cannot quit.

So nine mile. Yes ugh. Twelve miles ugh. But I will run them and I will feel good about the accomplishment.

-- Karen