Housekeeping: If you are a Blue Line Beginner registered for Saturday's race and you did NOT receive an email from me regarding BLB parking, please write me at for new instructions.

Tomorrow, I'll be back with everything you  need to know about Friday's Expo. But for now, here's our intrepid Beacon Journal photographer and embedded BLB half marathon hopeful Karen Schiely with her weekly update...


As you can see from the photo above, my right shoe’s sole is on fire on the Akron Marathon’s blue line - an appropriate visual since I am ready to be Leg No. 1 for our Soles on Fire relay team on Saturday.

Honestly, last week I was dreading our approaching race day but I was uplifted by a beautiful sunset on my seven mile run in Stow on the Bike and Hike trail Sunday evening, even running in bazillion percent humidity. It was even and entertaining run. Chipmunks, a groundhog, three deers and two wild turkeys even crossed my path. Too bad my pups weren’t with me or I would have run a personal best record with that kind of motivation.

In addition to my relay role, I'm running the half marathon. My personal goal for that is to just finish it - a great benefit of participating in a first event! I’ve got my energy gels, my water bottle, my will power to stay away from wine until Saturday at approximately noon. I am good to go!

I also came across these great exercises to strengthen knees that has helped me out a bit:  I do them after I run and it seems to be working for me.

Good luck on Saturday, have fun and do whatever works for you! And to all the BLBers who finish before me, please stick around at Canal Park so I can get as many pics of people as possible. I also may need some extra people to carry me back to my car. :-)

-- Karen

This is fun: A bird's eye video view of the Y Bridge as the Akron Marathon got started in the predawn hours back in 2015!