Iím not a marathon runner and thatís okay. Iím a relay runner and thatís even better! Itís more fun being part of a team and one with a super awesome name - Soleís on Fire! How great is that!! Kudos to Holly Carder for coming up with it.

Iím glad Iím on a relay team now so Iíll feel like Iíll accomplish something and be inspired to help my teammates finish with a great time. I know my half marathon time will be awful if I even finish it at all. Iím glad the Akron Marathon offers so many running options. I will be running the first leg of the relay for our team Soles on Fire (awesome name, by the way, teammates!) Six miles will be no problem (itís so awesome to be able to say that!)

I donít think that fitness was ever ingrained in my familyís DNA. Yes, this is the excuse that Iím going with as I continue to train for what will most likely by my one and only half marathon. A marathoning friend of mine said he thinks its in a personís DNA. I donít know if this is true or not but I do know that running a marathon is definitely not in my knees. It seemed fitting that my 12-mile walk/run on Sunday ended with Johnny Cash singing, ďSunday Morning Coming Down,Ē into my ear. The songís about waking up with a hangover and reflecting on life which is what my legs felt like they were doing at mile ten. It was like all the symptoms of a hangover - throbbing headache, nausea, head spinning - had combined and creaped into every muscle tissue in my legs. My heart was like, ďHey, letís keep going!Ē My legs were like, ďShut the eff up!Ē It sucked. Give me a 5,8, or 10K but Iíll pass on running a marathon.

Oh, and Iím still waiting for the Akron Marathon to add a two-mile dog run to the racing series. My beagle Molly and I would totally kill it!

Iíve included a photo of my basset hound Wilbur helping me get into the relay runner frame of mind with practicing a baton exchange. I don't think we will actually use batons for the Akron Marathon's relay but I needed a photo for this blog. And it's not really a baton. It's a paper towel roll with peanut butter in it.

-- Karen Schiely

Beacon Journal photographer and Blue Line Beginner