We've had a couple of great suggestions by Blue Line Beginners, and we are following through with both of them.

First, a few of you pointed out the Great Pumpkin Run on Oct. 21 in downtown Akron, offering a 5k and a 15k. This race was made for us. We've got short-distance runners and walkers that will love that 3.2 mile option. And coming off the September Akron Marathon, our long-distance racers will still be in fighting shape for the 9.3 mile option.

So mark your calendars. Let's make the Great Pumpkin Run our first post-Akron Marathon Race Series event. But wait to register if you haven't yet. If we sign up before Oct. 1 as a team, we can get the discounted rate of $35/$55 (depending on which distance you choose.) We'll do that in September.

Second, Elizabeth Kinsella suggested we have special Blue Line Beginner tech shirts made for the Sept. 23 race. I've heard others mention that before, so let's do it.

The Akron Marathon will help connect us to a resource and I'll try to get an estimated cost, at which time I'll take orders. Expect to learn more about this in the next week or two. We'll need to move quickly so we can get the shirts in time for washing and wearing because, well, you know the rule about new stuff.