Congratulations to the 62 BLBers who finished the Goodyear 10k race Saturday! It was a banner day, for sure. Training has clearly paid off in recent weeks, with about half of the group beating their June 8k pace.

I had some fun crunching numbers last night and came up with this list of folks who had the chance to ring the bell that announces a new personal record:

Deanna Albertson, Nancy Arvay, Georgena Austin, Jeff Balough, Norma Boston, Nancy Coerver, Heidi Cohen, Char Flohr, Abigail Gentsch, Maureen Haas, Kris Kienzl, Elizabeth Kinsella, Jennifer Kline, Lynn Kline, Denise Kraft, Leslie Meadows, Mike Meneer, Jim Merklin, Jim Mitchell, Sandy Perch, Mary Jo Perry-Mihocka, Steve Postma, Karen Schiely, Kathy Scot, Diane Teodecki, Carolyn Wynn and Patti Zaubi.

Norma Boston really outdid herself, her 10k pace of 13:42 being a whopping 2:15 per minute faster than her 8k!

Meanwhile, kudos to our fastest ladies: Char Flohr (pace 9:43), Darla Sanders (who tied her 8k pace of 9:55), Kris Kienzl (10:20) and Maureen Haas (10:51).

And our fastest guys: Robert E. Gill (9:51), Jim Merklin (10:01) and Jim Mitchell (10:48).

We had several BLBers make their Akron Marathon Race Series debut with us: Steve Boston, Patricia Harper, Nancy Hohmann, Karen and Hank Inman, Bob Pacanovsky, Jamie Temesvary and Selaria Woodall.

And one other fun note: EVERYONE came in under the course's suggested minimum pace of 19:19. That is something worth celebrating!

If you haven't read it yet, here's our story in Sunday's Akron Beacon Journal:

Karen Schiely, our embedded photographer, sent along along a few photos to tide us over until her Karen's Korner post on Tuesday. You can flip through them in the slide show above.

Check back tomorrow for details on where we will meet on Saturday (except for those doing the Louis Dirker race in Stow, of course!) and the new weekly training schedule for September's relay team members.

Enjoy the day off today, folks. You earned it!

-- Paula