I hope you're looking forward to Saturday's group outing because the Akron Marathon staff has once again arranged for us a special opportunity - a trial run of (most of) the Aug. 12 Goodyear 10k course.

Here are the details:

Arrive no later than 7:45 a.m. for a prompt 8 a.m. start. (That's this Saturday, July 29.)

Park in the Goodyear deck located at 200 Innovation Way. See maps below. After you're parked, walk south on Innovation towards the traffic circle. We will start just outside of the Proving Grounds/Test Track located at 394 S. Seiberling St.

We will be running a modified version of the Goodyear course (with arrows marking the turns) as we will not have access to restricted areas on Saturday. Those running the 10k in August and the relay in September will be doing 6 miles on Saturday. Those running the 10k in August and the half marathon in September are on a training plan that only calls for 4 miles (although you're free to do more if there is more course to see and you care to see it.)

We will have 2 water stops along the course.

As a bonus, the weather forecast looks pretty nice right now; hopefully the cooler temperatures predicted will come to pass!