As promised, Mondays will be devoted to introducing our BLB teammates and learning about the wide variety of life circumstances that are bringing us together. Today, meet Heidi Cohen, Jim Mitchell and Elizabeth Kinsella!

"I turn 55 this summer and have been thinking about trying a 5K to celebrate my 55th birthday. I am not a runner and really hate running so the idea of even thinking about it shocked my family and even myself. I started a couple of weeks ago trying the alternating walk/jog workout on the treadmill and so far it seems like an impossible goal to ever be able to do a 5K. So, maybe I need a little group inspiration. If nothing else, Blue Line Beginners might be a fun experience to meet new people and maybe even lose a little weight in the process. My daughter is getting married in August and I need all the help I can get to drop a few extra pounds for all those wedding pictures."

"This is the reason I joined Blue Line Beginners. I sit at this desk 8+ hours per day, 5 days per week. Every week, every month, year after year. Itís not healthyóstudies have proven itóbut I know it in my heart, too. I need to get out and actually do things, make contact with my community, and break up this work-eat-sleep-repeat funk Iím in. I used to run on a regular basis 25 years ago while in the Army. Since then, I've tried to do it on a more routine basis but haven't stuck to it for any extended length of time. With incentives and actual running buddies, it should make the experience much more enjoyable and personally rewarding. Iíll never be in the shape I was in the Army again, I know, but I at least want to be able to climb the steps at Infocision Stadium to cheer on the Zips without losing my breath! My nameís Jim. Iím 45, Iím a Civil Engineer for a consulting firm here in Akron, and I want to use this experience to kick-start a more active lifestyle."

"I am currently not a runner, but would love to get back into running. In 2012 I ran the Cleveland marathon. Unfortunately, I hurt my IT band and am now starting back at the basics. I haven't run formally since that race. I know I have run a marathon, but now I couldn't run 3 miles if I had to without stopping for a break. I belonged to a wonderful group back in Chicago, but have struggled to find that key network to help in motivation and accountability since moving to Stow in 2011. I would love to train with a group and to get back into running, but other organizations I have tried in the past have such advanced runners that I fall behind quickly and can't catch up leaving me feeling defeated and without anyone to train with. I am married with 3 kids (ages 8, 9, 10) and a great dane who is 11 months old. I also teach 3rd grade. I am eager to find that group that gets me started in running again."