Housekeeping: Happy May 1st! Good day to put out a Field Report request. If you have NOT been to a Saturday outing or Downtown walk in the past two weeks, AND you have not filed a Field Report in that time, send an email and tell me how you're training is going. We really want to help keep you motivated!

Now, meet five more of our BLB teammates...

"My running journey was actually birthed by a death of my 14-year old lab and faithful walking companion. When she died late last summer, I couldnít bring myself to walk alone without her, so I decided to try running. Iíd never run before, but was generally active in other ways, so it seemed like a good alternative. I work at a school, so I sought some wisdom from our track coach about proper shoes, startup running tips, etc. Then in the fall, I was off to a good start running early in the mornings before work. I ran till the winter turned bad and then just kept walking each morning. By then I had "rescued" another dog, and she joined my team. After reading about Blue Line Beginners, I thought it was a good time to pick up my running again and set a goal of running the 8K in our first event."

"I used to run 5kís at 11 minutes a mile. Was training for the Akron half marathon in 2015 when I broke my foot and was sidelined for months. I lost motivation and gained my weight back. In 2016 there were more challenges that didnít help my situation. Again the weight increased. I signed up last year to run but was too embarrassed. Picked up my gear after the race day. Now I am more focused and motivated by friends and family and this running group. I signed up for the Race Series and plan to do the 8k, 10k and half marathon. This race picture was in early April. I was very slow but I finished. I have several races I am already registered for. I need help getting back to where I need to be and where I was before. With this group I know I can get there. #progressisslow #slowisprogress #halfmarathongoals"

"Growing up I played soccer but quit when I got to high school. In high school I swam. I love the water! After college and having my boys I wasnít as active as I always was growing up. I joined a soccer team at my friendís request and it was the jump start I needed back into a fitness routine. Soccer is what brought me to running. I wanted to feel like I wasnít dying when I was playing soccer. So I signed up for the Metro Parks Motherís Day 5k a year ago. Now I just try and say yes to as many active things as possible. Iím trying to be an example for my two sons to show them the importance of having a lifetime of fitness and that it needs to be part of your life at any age. We do the Summit County Hiking Sprees each spring and fall. Running also helps me keep up with them!"

"Iíve never participated in anything like this and Iím ready to set a goal and conquer this. Iím trying to figure out if Iím living or existing. Iím ready to take the first step!"

"I have participated in the Akron Marathon relay twice in the past, but it has been a while and the years are taking their toll. I decided this winter that I would join in the marathon one more time before hitting the big 6-0, and I am hoping to gather a relay team of like-minded co-workers who need an incentive to challenge themselves physically, but are focused more on the camaraderie and fun of the event than on the competitive nature of it. Looking forward to a healthier me by September!"